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Top 5 Tips for Getting Ready for School

school-kids-2Dreading the back to school rush?  Now is a good time to think about how your life at home “works” for you and your family.  What can you do to cut out the hassles and make it easier for everyone to get off to a great start every day?

  •  1. Make picking out clothes as painless as possible.
    • Everyone wants to feel good in their clothes and make a good impression.
    • Sturdy, easy-care, mix and match clothes can allow kids to pick their own outfits – and they will nearly always look great.
    • To save money, choose the clothing needed to start the school year, and leave some dollars for adding new items later.
  • 2. Make it easy for everyone to have healthy food.
  • 3. Take some pressure off the morning hours by choosing clothes and taking showers the night before.
  • 4. Set up a routine that works for you and your children. 
    • Children thrive on routines.  They like knowing what is expected of them – and it cuts out hassles when you don’t have to have daily arguments about bed time, meal time, etc.
    • Include regular active time – so everyone’s body and brain is working at its best.
    • Plan time for a daily dose of quality time – a relaxed time when you can talk and really listen to each other.
  • 5. Click here for 10 tips for getting your family up and out every morning.

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