Student Internship with University of Delaware (UD) Cooperative Extension

2017 Extension Scholars and mentors

Delaware Cooperative Extension connects the public with university knowledge, research and resources to address youth, family, community and agricultural needs.
The goal of Cooperative Extension is to help individuals, families and communities make informed decisions that can enhance their lives. In so doing, the organization generates and disseminates research-based information, provides focused educational opportunities and builds relationships that create effective solutions.

Eligibility: Current undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Delaware.

Purpose: The Extension Scholars program is designed to follow the service learning model whereby scholars will have an opportunity to become fully engaged in organizational service experiences that:

a. Are integrated into the academic curriculum
b. Meet the needs of a community
c. Provide structured time for reflection
d. Help foster civic responsibility

Opportunities: To expand knowledge of and to participate in the delivery of Extension programming; to develop leadership and interpersonal skills; to learn about careers in Extension; and to apply knowledge gained through university coursework. Internship experiences include but are not limited to: participating in the conduct of needs assessment; designing and delivering educational programs; evaluating program impact; working with volunteers; fostering partnerships; pursuing funding.

Location: Cooperative Extension Offices:

  • New Castle County Extension, Newark, DE
  • Kent County Extension, Dover, DE
  • Sussex County Extension, Georgetown, DE

Expectations: The Summer Scholar Program is a full-time 10-week session: early June 10 – early August 16, 2019. The program commences with a required orientation. Scholars may be required to participate in the Service Learning Symposium held the last week of the session which make require a poster or oral presentation. Scholars are required to provide their own transportation.

Application Process and Deadline:


  • Summer scholars will receive a student stipend.