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Special Equine Behavior Series

The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension is offering a three-evening educational series this fall on topics related to equine behavior. All three sessions will be held at the Paradee Center, Kent County Extension Office in Dover, Delaware from 6:30-8:30 pm. A registration fee and advanced registration will be required. The registration fee is $10 per session or all three sessions for $25. Light refreshments and take home materials will be included as part of the registration fee.

Night 1 on Monday, November 5 will focus around the theme of “Foundations of Equine Behavior” and will cover topics such as anatomy and physiology, the workings of the equine brain, normal or natural equine behavior and learning terminology and how horses learn.

Night 2 on Wednesday, November 7 will focus around the theme of “Handling Behavior Problems” and will cover topics such as stereotypies and dealing with common equine behavior issues. This evening will feature a special guest lecturer, Dr. Sue McDonnell from the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center who is nationally known as a researcher and speaker on equine behaviors.

Night 3 on Wednesday, November 14 will focus around the theme of “Working Effectively with Equine Behavior” and will cover topics such as positive versus negative reinforcement, a review of current training approaches and common equine welfare concerns.

You may attend just one or all three of the sessions. For more information please contact Susan Garey at (302)730-4000 or truehart@udel.edu or Dr. Carissa Wickens at cwickens@udel.edu

If you have special needs that need to be accommodated, please contact the office two weeks prior to the event.