Saving for Health Care Costs Ensures your Health and Wealth

Health care costs are on everyone mind these days. Estimating costs and building it into your monthly spending plan will ensure that you have the money you need for copayments or a deductible. An upcoming Smart Use Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs™ webinar will be presented on September 7th from 1-2:30pm. You can enroll for this free presentation by going to

Open enrollment is coming up for both Medicare supplement as well as Marketplace insurance plans for those under 65 years old.  Making a smart choice about which plan to pick can have impact on one’s health and wealth now and in the future. Picking a plan that is affordable and is not a deterrent to using it is very important to your health and wealth.

Smart Choice Basics™ is another webinar that helps you better understand health insurance options and provides strategies to help you pick the best plan for you and your family. This webinar will be held twice on October 26 and November 1 from 1-2:30pm. Registration for these free sessions can be found on

If you do better in a face-to- face settings join me at the Bear Library in Bear, Delaware on December 4th either from 2-4pm or 6:30-8:30 pm. To register for this program, contact the Bear Library at 302-838-3300.

If you can’t attend one of these sessions, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension’s My Smart Choice Health Insurance Workbook has great background information AND a comparison shopping tool that will help you choose which plan will fit best in your financial situation.  This and other helpful information can be found on our health insurance website at