Puzzled by Preserving? We can Help!

Puzzled by Preserving?  We Can Help!
Puzzled by Preserving? We Can Help!

During spring and summer many Delawareans plant a vegetable garden to enjoy the healthy benefits of home grown produce.  Going into the backyard and picking vegetables that you have nurtured from seed or a baby plant provides a lot of satisfaction.  Sometimes the harvest is more than can be used in a short amount of time.  What do I do with all these cucumbers?  Help! I’m overrun with zucchini are common cries heard in the summer.  Safely preserving nature’s bounty is a great way to enjoy your own vegetables all year.   

The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Kent County Family and Consumer Science Educator can help you with your canning, drying and freezing questions by calling 730-4000.  In addition, an upcoming workshop will go through step by step procedures on using a hot water bath canner. Let’s Make Pickles will be offered at the Kent County Cooperative Extension office, 69 Transportation Circle in Dover on August 22 from 6-9 pm.  The cost for the program is $15.00.  Click here to download a registration form.