New Year, New You: How to Keep a Resolution

2015Almost half of the United States population participates in the New Year tradition of setting a resolution. Unfortunately, studies have shown that only about 8% of these individuals actually follow through and achieve their goal. How can you increase your chances of becoming your “New You” in 2015? Here are a few tips to help your resolution become successful:

Make it Relevant and Reasonable
If your resolution is something that you want to keep, make sure you are actually ready to face it. The more you connect with your goal, the more likely you are to work toward it. Be sure to stay reasonable while setting goals for yourself. It may be more effective to start with smaller achievements and increase them as you become more confident. Take the time to sit and think about how this accomplishment can better yourself. Making a personal resolution that excites you is a key factor for staying focused on this goal.

Be Positive and Aware
Your resolutions should make you feel positive about yourself. To start on the right foot, begin your resolution with “I will…” instead of “I want to….” This simple change can create a more positive and achievable thought process during your planning. Don’t be afraid to change your resolution until you are completely satisfied. Once you are happy with what you have come up with, write it down and make sure you connect with it. It is not a bad idea to write your resolution in multiple places. Some good areas include your calendar, mirror, journal, or as a reminder in your phone. Sharing your resolution with others can make it more concrete and hold you accountable for your actions. Letting your friends and family know about your goals may also expand your social support throughout the process. Increasing yours and other’s awareness of your resolution can help you during the year.

Do Not Leave Room for Doubt

Those who develop clearly stated and detailed resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than those who do not. No matter what topic you decide to focus on, make sure that it is something you can narrow down to a specific and meaningful goal. Sometimes it helps to break down your established resolution into smaller, detailed steps. If you want to achieve your resolution by the end of the year, try to make smaller goals every 2 or 3 months. That way you can celebrate the smaller achievements, while keeping you positive and reminding you of your ultimate objective.

Looking for Programs?
University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension may be able to help you achieve your resolution! Check out some of the programs that we offer throughout the year: