National Youth Summit on Healthy Living

The National Youth Summit on Healthy Living took place February 12-15, 2016, at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD. Five teens and two adults represented Delaware at this event.  The weekend included ice breakers, classes, a dance and a tour of Washington DC.  Some of the classes that the teens attended included: Healthy Snacks, No Bull, Keep Calm and Don’t Stress, Nutrition Packed Smoothies: Dairy, Teen Led Nutrition and Cooking and Here’s What’s Cooking in Illinois.

The Delaware delegation enjoyed meeting other teens from 22 other states. Whether they were learning new accents or watching people enjoy their first snowfall experience, new friendships were quickly made.

Paige Vincent, Sussex 4-H member, said “The National Youth Summit on Healthy Living was such a great experience.  From walking 2.2 miles in the cold to meeting many new people I can call friends from across the United States.” She encourages all 4-H members to attend in the future!

Matthew Johnston, New Castle 4-H member, stated that he most enjoyed the session where four adults spoke about their careers.  The youth were encouraged to ask questions in smaller group settings about the various careers.

Rebecca Arpie, Sussex 4-H member, was also glad to be able to attend the trip. “My experience at the National 4-H Healthy Living Summit was unforgettable. During that weekend, I met people from 23 states, learned new line dances and gained so much knowledge on Healthy Living that I can take it back and improve programs for our state.”

The Delaware delegation has the task of implementing a healthy living project for Delaware 4-H.  We cannot wait to see what they will share with us!