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Living a Brain Healthy Lifestyle

healthbrainimageThe brain is one of the largest organs in the body and exercising and keeping the brain fit is crucial to our quality of life. Young, old or in between it is never too late to challenge our brain and allow it to work at peak capacity.

Practicing a brain healthy lifestyle not only enhances overall health by promoting exercise and nutrition, it asks the brain to work in new ways and helps to prevent diseases that may manifest in our more mature years. Researchers are continuing to discover new pathways of prevention and unlocking the mysteries behind this fascinating control center of the human body.

For the past three years, Anne Camasso, Family & Consumer Science Educator, with the University of Delaware’s Sussex County office of Cooperative Extension, has partnered with RSVP Sussex, the Cordrey Center and the Sussex County office of the Alzheimer’s Association, Delaware Valley Chapter, to bring this programming to residents of Sussex County. This year’s program titled Age Proofing Your Brain will be offered on March 14th at The University of Delaware Carvel Research and Education Center in Georgetown. To download copies of the informational flyer go to http://sites.udel.edu/carvelnews/2013-healthy-brain-lifestyle/ or call the RSVP Sussex office at 302-856-5815 to register.