Kent County Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Award

Heather Crouse Receiving Joy Sparks AwardHeather Crouse has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Award in Kent County.  Heather has been involved in 4-H for as long as she has been eligible. She began her 4-H career as a member of the Vernon Honeybees 4-H club in 1992. When her parents became Organizational Leaders of Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club, Heather joined this club as well. She had a very active career in 4-H; participating in most events and activities when possible. As soon as Heather aged out of 4-H she transitioned immediately into a volunteer leader for the same 4-H club. She has definitely made a difference in the lives of the youth in the Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club and in Kent County.

Heather has served in some type of leader capacity since 2003 and has been organizational leader since 2010. Heather not only oversees a very active, well-respected 4-H club, she also spends many countless hours helping with a variety of other tasks in the county. Heather’s spirit in 4-H is strong. She can be found shopping or chaperoning younger member weekend, organizing 4-H’ers and supplies for the state fair float, collecting and preparing sponsor ads for the sponsor book or delivering bunnies to the children’s hospital, and many many more important tasks. Heather’s spirit for 4-H is second to none!