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It’s Tailgate Season!!!

The temperature is getting crisp and the sun is setting earlier.  These changes mean tailgate season is here.  Everyone enjoys getting together with friends and family to cheer their favorite team and to enjoy food together before the game — and sometimes after the game.

Will this be a winning season on the gridiron for your team and for your tailgate party?  Just like your favorite team, you need to plan so that you and your guests enjoy tasty, safe food.  Planning is the key to keeping your food safe during a tailgate. Here are some questions to ask when planning what to serve:

When you plan your tailgate, use this checklist to make sure you have a safe, winning party:

Enjoy the game knowing you followed the above safely practices for the food you served at your party.  Hopefully, just like you, your team has practiced and followed the rules of the game so they are winners, too.