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Healthy Living Challenge is off to a Good Start!

Lucy Williams welcomes participants of the Yes You Can Healthy Living Challenge in Dover.
Lucy Williams welcomes participants of the Yes You Can Healthy Living Challenge in Dover.

In New Castle and Kent County the Yes We Can healthy living challenge has begun. The challenge will focus on encouraging adults ages 18 and older to make better food choices, to move more and to support others in their healthy living. Interested participants can form teams of 4-8 people for some friendly competition. Each month a team member will use a log sheet to monitor their choices and will earn points for good choices. Individuals will log their progress but team points will be aggregated and submitted. There will be incentives each month for high points for teams and individuals. The challenge will run from October 2015 through May 2016. Participants will also earn points for attending some Cooperative Extension programs like Dining with Diabetes and Foodskills. These programs will be held at the New Castle and Kent County offices and also be hosted at sites that have agreed to be partners in the program. A Dining with Diabetes program will be beginning in November in Dover. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION

yes we can eatIn Kent County the partners are key churches where the pastors have agreed this initiative will benefit their parishioners. In New Castle County partners include churches, the Latin American Community Center and Head Start.

Kick off events were held in Kent and New Castle Counties in October. Each event had Cooperative Extension educational displays like Puzzled by Protein and Spin into Fall with Healthy Fruits and Vegetables, samples of healthy recipes , information about the challenge, and activities for the whole family. It’s not too late to sign up for the challenge. If you would like to form a team in Kent County contact Lucy Williams lucwil@udel.edu, 730-4000 in New Castle County contact Carlos Dipres cdipres@udel.edu. 831-8965