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Forest Landowner Workshop During Delaware Ag Week

forestIf you are a forest landowner, forest business, manage a community open-space, or are just interested in ‘working trees for energy’ opportunities in and around Delaware, you will not want to miss the forest workshop being held on January 15th at 6:00 p.m. in the Commodities Building at the Delaware State Fairgrounds, Harrington, Del. The workshop is a component of the 2013 Delaware Agriculture Week.

Jonathan Kays, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension, will discuss recent progress towards wood energy, resulting in Maryland state legislation. John Nikoloff and Melissa Britcher, both from the Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group, will provide insight into the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association’s outreach efforts. Dialogue will surround how Delaware forest landowners can benefit from wood energy activities–promoting and/or using wood for heating and cooling homes and business–in neighboring states and at home. Valuable information on helping manage your current woodland and establishment of short-rotation woody plantations for economic and social benefits will be shared.

The forest landowner workshop is FREE, but pre-registration is required by either calling the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Kent County office at 302-730-4000 or emailing Dot Abbott, renewable resources agent.

Delaware Agriculture Week 2013 begins January 14th and runs through January 18th providing numerous educational opportunities for anyone interested in agriculture production from bees to livestock, irrigation to pasture management, and fruit to vegetables. For more information on all activities surrounding Delaware Ag Week, visit the website. 

For more information about UD Cooperative Extension’s Renewable Natural Resources program, visit the program’s webpage.