How to download a photo from Flickr

 Sussex County 4-H has photo archives dating back to 2008 on Our url address is:   Believe it or not, as of September 2013, we have almost 13,000 images on Flickr! My goodness, have we been busy!

When you visit the site, you will first see the Photostream, which displays the most recent images uploaded.

All Sussex County 4-H Events are organized into SETS – and these appear in chronological order. You do not have to sign in to Flickr to view or download these pictures.

Flickr header

Click Sets and locate the event you are interested in. For this tutorial, we picked the 2013 Farm Tour!

Flickr sets

Double click on the Set’s square thumbnail to open

The Set will open up with all the images included. You can also see how many times the Set was viewed. If you click on individual pictures, you can see how many times the image was viewed.

We’ve decided to select Grace Hopkins, her friend Sydni and that cute baby goat they are holding!

Flickr set selection


On the bottom right, you will see a star, a comment balloon and expanding arrows at the bottom right corner. If you have a Yahoo account, you can favorite or comment on the picture. But we are here to download this image. So, what do we do?

  • Click on the image once, and it will get real big! If you hover over the image with your mouse, you will see a magnifying glass icon.  If you right click anywhere on the picture, you will see this pop up:

setting the size

  • At this point, pay attention to the second line. View all sizes: you will see a variety of choices depending on who took the picture and what kind of camera it was. In this example, you can view the original resolution or other smaller sizes.  Sometimes there will not be choices. We are going to choose “Large” for this example:

 download menu

 The second line by “Download” shows the large size you selected. It is hyperlinked. Click this link, and the photo will automatically download to your download folder.

But as you can see, even more size options appear in the next section. You may change your mind and download any of the options that appear. Remember, size options depend on the photographer’s camera or how it was uploaded. There may be only one size, or as many as 12!

The photo is now in your possession to use in project books, 4-H scrapbooks, etc. You may upload the images to services that offer prints (such as Shutterfly) for your own personal use.

LICENSE: As you may see, All Rights Reserved is the license. This tells the public that they may not use the photograph for public or commercial purposes, or claim the image as their own work. When we upload images to Flickr, they instantly become copyrighted and the property of Sussex County 4-H.  As members of the 4-H community, you have permission to use these images for your private use.  You are not allowed however, to post the images on other websites, make them public, or claim them as your work or property, without the express permission of Sussex County, Delaware 4-H office. If we allow you to reproduce an image on a blog, or on a Facebook page, we may ask you to credit the photo by adding: “photo courtesy of Sussex County 4-H” and we may require that your Facebook privacy settings only allow your friends to view the photo.

You may find as you visit sets, that some images are not downloadable. This is because we have restricted options on a particular set or images within a set.

For more information about our Flickr photo database for 4-H, please contact our 4-H office at (302) 856-7303  or contact Mrs. Walfred at ext 550 or email her at


When you click on the picture, you will also see another icon at the bottom: flickrshareThe curved arrow coming out of the rectangle is the share icon. Click that, and you will be able to email the picture directly to yourself or a friend or relative.  When you do this, the default size is MEDIUM. If you have a Flickr account yourself (free) and you friend sussexcounty4h as a contact, you will be able to post the picture directly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest.