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Family and Consumer Sciences Impact: Quality Staff for Youth Programs


The area of youth development is considered to have a high turnover rate. It is difficult to find quality staff to fill part time positions.  Once they are filled, it is difficult to keep the positions staffed.


This year, I spent a great deal of time working with current staff to help recruit quality staff for the after school programs. I have done research on attributes of successful youth development workers and planned interviews and trainings accordingly.  I have also surveyed staff to find out what they feel is important attributes to do their job successfully and what would keep them happy and enthused in their current positions.


  • Over the past year, we have lost only 3 staff to other positions, all of which were full time and in their field of education.  We only lost 3 other staff, both due to time constraints.
  • Based on staff surveys and evaluations, new and long term staff has reported an increase in job satisfaction over the past year.
  • All but one staff member stayed on for the summer program.  The one who did not had a full time job that would not allow her to attend daily.