Duffy’s Hope Youth Garden in Wilmington

Leafcutter bee (genus Megachile) on Gaillardia flower. Photo Credit: David Clarke

Duffy’s Hope, Inc. manages and owns a Youth Garden on Wilmington’s Eastside that provides fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and cut flowers to youth and their families involved in Duffy’s Hope programs. In addition, people in the Eastside Community in the area of the Garden are engaged in many activities that contribute to the Garden success resulting in a strong Duffy’s Hope-Eastside Community relationship. Overall, the project encourages Duffy’s Hope youth and the surrounding Community to live healthier lives through the proactive benefits of gardening.

The Delaware Department of Agriculture is interested in identifying sites throughout Delaware that provide habitats with a diversity of sustainable forage pollinators to thrive.  Thalia Pappas and David Clarke visited the Duffy’s Hope Youth Garden to document what pollinators were attracted to the numerous species of flowers and vegetables grown in the garden.  From a first look, David was able to photograph and identify 4 species of native bees present in the flowers during the visit.  He has also provided background on the biology of the species he photographed.

Our hope is that this initial look at pollinators visiting the garden serves as an inspiration to show that it is possible to attract and create an environment for a diversity of pollinating insects in an urban setting by establishing a garden of flowering plants, vegetables and herbs.  These pollinators, in turn, will provide essential pollination services for the plants so that they can set fruit and seed for human and wildlife consumption.

For more information on DDA’s Pollinator Protection Plan visit: http://dda.delaware.gov/pesticides/pollinatorplan.shtml

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