Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is upon us and often putting on weight is inevitable. Physical activity can be difficult during the fall because of holiday festivities and the weather getting colder as winter gets closer. In addition, it can be a difficult time to manage one’s weight since treats and delicious food are always on the table. Some ways to keep off holiday pounds and stay active during the holiday season include taking a few extra laps around the mall when you are holiday shopping and using the stairs instead of the escalator. Most adults should get 150 minutes of aerobic activity and have 2 or more days of strengthening exercises during their week. Aerobic activities include walking fast, cleaning the house or any activity that causes you to start to sweat. Strengthening activities include lifting heavy boxes, or push ups. Stretching is also recommended at least 2 days a week; it makes activities of daily living like reaching for a bowl on the top shelf in your kitchen easier. Although the cold can make it hard to stay active; knowing some quick and easy exercises you can do indoors which will help keep off those extra holiday pounds.

Some simple indoor exercises are:


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