Announcing Master Gardener Junior Programs

The purpose of the Junior Gardener program is to engage young learners in grades K-3 with environmental science and horticultural programs designed to complement Delaware State Science Education standards.

Examples of program offerings:

  • The Buzz on Bees Gr. 1-2; indoors; September—November; 40-50 minute program.  Students will learn about the life cycle of honeybees, the pollination process, the many jobs bees perform in a beehive, and the importance of bees to the environment.
  • Insect Detectives Gr. 1-3; outdoors; September—November; 45-50 minute program.  Students will explore the school grounds in search of insects, spiders, and other tiny creatures.
  • Life Cycles of Butterflies Gr. 2-3; indoors; September—November; one-hour program.  Students will learn about the life stages of butterflies—and how structure and function differ with each stage.
  • The Living Tree House Gr. K-1; indoors; September—November; 30-40 minute program, Mon/Fri preferred.  Students will learn about the importance of trees for a healthy environment and for providing the food that we eat.

Learn more about the program and how to sign up, on the Master Gardener Junior Gardener Program page.