4-H’ers Hold Annual Clothing and Textile Showcase Program

Big group of 4H youth standing with their awards from the Clothing Showcase EventEvery spring Delaware 4-H’ers have the opportunity to participate in the Clothing and Textile Showcase. This annual event allows 4-H members to show their consumer savvy or sewing construction skills.Three youth standing wearing outfits they created with awards from Clothing Showcase event
Participants can show off their consumer and fashion planning skills by presenting a “Ready to Wear” ensemble. Participants must look for bargains and quality and plan a complete outfit. During this event, 4-H members participate in interviews with judges to justify why this garment was needed in their wardrobe, why they selected it, discuss learning experiences and then model their outfit during the program. Group of 4H youth standing in thier outfits they created for the Clothing Showcase event

Two girls modeling dresses they made for 4H Clothing ShowcaseParticipants in the Clothing Construction Showcase chose to sew – creating garments that they model. They participate in interviews with judges, share information about the construction of the garment, where they plan to wear it, construction techniques used, and the challenges and first-time learning experiences they had in making their garment. Prior to the event, all garments were judged for construction, fit, and overall attractiveness. Thirty-five Delaware 4-H’ers participated statewide.