4-H Youth Health Program IM40 Receives Award

The IM40, Delaware 2-1-1 teams and volunteers for United Way are out for the Delaware 87ers game against the Raptors and recognition of our IM40 Asset Champion Organizations -YMCA, 4-H, Children and Families First and Sussex Health Coalition!

Tyrone Jones is the United Way representative who presented the award.

About IM40:

IM40® is a movement that promotes positive youth development for adolescents in Delaware.  IM40® presents a different way of developing youth, ages 12 to 15, by focusing on their assets rather than their deficits.

IM40® is a partnership of United Way of Delaware and AstraZeneca. The vision is for all adolescents to make better decisions, lead healthier lives and achieve academic success.

IM40® stands for “I’M 40 Assets.” The movement is based on the 40 Developmental Assets model, created by the Search Institute. The model lists 40 assets that have been proven to help youth succeed. Some of the assets are internal, such as high self-esteem, self motivation and integrity. Others are external, including family boundaries, a caring school environment and adult role models.

Research shows that youth ages 12 to 15 are vulnerable to a range of health and learning risks. They experience rapid developmental changes – physically, cognitively, and socially – that can make them susceptible to negative behaviors. Evidence shows that the more developmental assets a young person reports having, the more likely he or she is to make positive, healthy choices today and in the future.

IM40® requires the engagement of the entire community — parents, teachers, coaches, mentors and more – in support of Delaware youth. The movement mobilizes everyone to increase adolescents’ assets and help them reach their goals.