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4-H Impact: Embryology Program


Educators within public and private schools in New Castle County have expressed a continuous need for an educational opportunity regarding the life cycle of chickens. Teachers often request this embryology program to demonstrate the life cycle and expose youth to agriculture at an early age. This is especially important for 2nd grade students, as it aligns with one of the Delaware state science standards.


The 4-H Embryology Program has been implemented in public and private schools throughout New Castle County. This program offers youth a hands-on learning approach to science where they are able to learn basic knowledge about the development from egg to chick. The students are asked to take direct care of the eggs within the incubator, ensuring the appropriate humidity and temperature. With the assistance of the classroom teacher, the students are also expected to take care of the chicks once they have hatched by offering food and water regularly. Embryology activities and lessons were developed by the New Castle County 4-H Extension Educator and dispersed to the participating classrooms. 4-H Embryology curriculum was also utilized.


In 2012, New Castle County Extension offered over 35 4-H Embryology Programs to 13 different schools throughout the county. A total of 740 students from 13 different public and private schools participated in the 2012 4-H Embryology Program.

Credit to: Mallory Vogl, June 2013