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4-H Garden Club Learns About Violets



The NCC 4-H Garden Club meets monthly at Fischer Greenhouse on the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources campus. The 4-H club is organized by leader, Robyn Hunter.  In February, youth learned how to propagate African violets. Each month, the 4-H club has a different focus, learning how to grow different types of plants. Some even have fallen so passionate for the topic that they have entered their “favorite products” in the Delaware State Fair.

Terry Tse, who is extremely passionate about violets and a current Delaware Master Gardener, assisted in teaching the 4-H club various techniques to enhance the life of their African violets. This was an excellent educational experience as well as a fun time for all the members. The 4-H garden club receives guidance and expertise from Carrie Murphy, Extension Educator for Horticulture.

For more information about 4-H Garden Club and/or Delaware Master Gardeners please visit: www.extdev.anr.udel.edu or call 1 (302) 831-2507.