2017 Kent County Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Award

Elaine Webb is the recipient of the 2017 Kent County Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Award. Elaine has been involved in 4-H for as long as she has been eligible. She began her 4-H career as a member of the Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club where she was very active, participating in most events and activities when possible, and received numerous awards during her years of involvement. It is evident that her experience in 4-H made a huge impact in her life.

Kent County 4-H, as well as the Delaware 4-H Program, became the fortunate recipient of this impact when Elaine Webb decided to re-start the Peach Blossom 4-H Club in 2006 after it had been closed down for approximately 2 years. Peach Blossom was an extremely active club under its former Organizational Leaders who oversaw this club for 40 years, and it is truly a pleasure to note that the club presently is just as active if not more active under Elaine’s volunteer guidance as the current Organizational Leader. She has definitely made a difference in the lives of the youth in her club and in Kent County. In addition, Elaine has taken a very active role in the Delaware 4-H program.

Elaine is extremely organized, a great planner, and is definitely an encourager and motivator to her club members. She is a great believer and cheerleader for 4-H, always promoting 4-H to others. She is an excellent role model for our youth to look up to. As 4-H’ers interact with Elaine, she provides many hours of ongoing help and support with their 4-H program work. The youth know that Elaine is willing to help, and they look to her for guidance and assistance. Elaine is a great asset to the Kent County 4- H program, and is one of the reasons why the Kent County 4-H program is as strong as it is. We are pleased to honor Elaine Webb with the 2017 Kent County Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Award.