Statewide Clothing and Textiles Showcase

2016 Clothing and Textiles Showcase – A Night in Hollywood

The Statewide Clothing Showcase took place on Saturday, April 9 at Lake Forest High School. Twenty-nine participants arrived at 2:00 pm and were interviewed by judges on their garments.  The youth also participated in their County Clothing Judging Contests, learned modeling techniques and participated in Make It Take It Crafts and Community Service projects.  The contestants also enjoyed a delicious dinner, provided by the Kent County 4-H Links.

The Clothing Showcase began at 7 pm where participants were judged on their modeling skills.  Each county gave ribbons to the participants and the honor courts received gift cards.  The statewide honor court was also announced and received engraved medallions.

A special thank you to 4-H volunteers and teens who helped make the event a success:

  • Planning Committee: Lisa Berry, Karen Crouse, Heather Crouse, Debbie Lagano, Gail Tipton and Elaine Webb
  • Community Service: Lisa Berry
  • Modeling Instructor/Photographer: Jackie Arpie
  • Teen Volunteers and emcees: Jenna Anger, Maycee Collison and Mary Beth Robbins
  • Judges: Judy Anderson, Rebecca Bristow, Charmayne Busker, Kathleen Cannon,
    Betty Wyatt-Dix, Jenna Hitchens, Karen Moore and Deborah Vanderwende
  • Honor Court Gifts: County Leader Associations

Ready to Wear – Sussex
Ainsley West

Sussex County Honor Court


  • Destiny Carmona

Other Ribbon Winners were:  Dakota Carmona and Diamond Carmona

Kent County Honor Court:

  • Rain Vasey
  • Jeremy Mahoney
  • Addison Brode
  • Madison Poore  (*Madison also received the Novice Award)

Other Ribbon Winners were:  Lahna Chagaris, Ava Gallo, Annika Genke, Rebecca Kemp, Terra Mills, Emma Stallings, Riley Taylor, Lizzie Tucker and Delaney Westhoff