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Vegetable Crop Budgets & Irrigation Cost Calculators

The Delaware Processing Vegetable Crop Budgets were updated in 2016.  Fresh Market Vegetable Budgets were updated in 2009 and new updates will be made in 2017. The vegetable budgets are available as downloadable Excel files with a static example worksheet and an editable worksheet, where values may be changed to reflect an individual grower’s production situation.

Processing Vegetables

Fresh Market Vegetables

Irrigation Cost Calculators

Baby Lima Beans Seedless Watermelon
(w/ mulch, drip irrigated)
Diesel Center Pivot
Peas Seedless Watermelon
(w/ mulch, overhead irrigated)
Electric Center Pivot
Pickling Cucumbers Seeded Watermelon
(w/ mulch, drip irrigated)
Drip Irrigation
Snap Beans Seeded Watermelon
(w/ mulch, overhead irrigated)
Spinach Seeded Watermelon
(bare, overhead irrigated)
Sweet Corn Sweet Corn