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Additional Information

As of January 2, 2018 all changes to the WPS go into FULL enforcement.

  • One exception is that the expanded content requirements for worker and handler training do not become effective until 6 months AFTER a Federal Register Notice announcing the availability of training.
  • 2020 was the response to the estimated time frame for that
  • Until that time training materials with existing content OR new expanded content can be used as long as it is EPA Approved training materials

You must comply with the Worker Protection Standard if:

  • You own, operate, or are employed on any farm, forest, nursery, or greenhouse where pesticides are used in the production of agricultural plants;
  • You hire or provide employees for any agricultural business which uses pesticides; or
  • You or anyone you employ is a certified/licensed crop advisor.

WPS Training Requirements:

The guide summarizes the maximum requirements under the revised WPS. It does not include exemptions and exceptions. However, it does provide references to those exemptions and exceptions.

This table provides examples of what type of WPS training is required (Worker or Handler)