The University of Delaware understands the importance of assaying soil samples for the presence of numerous plant-parasitic nematodes. While some nematode problems can be diagnosed in the field, laboratory assay of soil and roots is typically necessary to confirm field observations and is critical in determining crop rotations. Reading nematode samples requires highly specialized expertise, is time-consuming, and can be costly. The University of Delaware is proud to be able to continue to provide this important and unique service to the mid-Atlantic region. Please know that in order to continue the service, the University of Delaware will need to impose minimal fees to off-set increased costs as of September 1, 2014. These fees will allow us to cover escalating costs associated with labor and supplies. To contain further costs, the assay service is currently only accepting commercial vegetable and field crop samples. 

The 2014-2016 UD Vegetable and Field Crop Nematode Assay Service price structure is as follows:

Assay Price as of September 1, 2014
Vegetable and Agronomic crops Juvenile assay $50 per sample
Soybean cyst nematode egg assay $30 per sample
3 day rush analysis Additional $20 per sample
  • For agronomic or vegetable samples, send samples to 151 Townsend Hall, Newark, DE 19716. Samples will not be processed without submission form and fee.
  • University of Delaware Nematode Assay Information Sheet Submission Form and Instructions [ pdf ]
  • Fees (checks payable to the University of Delaware please)
  • A 10-14 day turnaround time will be required for most samples. (A 3-day-rush analysis can be conducted for an additional $20 per sample.  For troubleshooting purposes only.)


Fruit and Ornamental nematode samples from Delaware can be sent to the Virginia Tech Nematode Assay laboratory as they have agreed to accept those samples at the following address:

Nematode Assay Laboratory
115 Price Hall
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0331 Phone: (540)231-4650
Fax: (540)231-7477
Web site:  (for sample submission fees, instructions, and forms)

Virginia Tech also has agreed to handle nematode samples from the University of Maryland.  For more information visit


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