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Delaware Pesticide Safety Education

A pesticide is any substance that kills, repels, or otherwise controls any pest. Herbicides (weedkillers), fungicides, rodenticides, insecticides, etc. are all types of pesticides.

The University of Delaware Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) promotes responsible decision-making and actions to protect pesticide users, public health, plant and animal health, and the environment. UDE PSEP offers information, training, and resources for pesticide applicators and the general public.

University of Delaware Extension and University of Maryland (UM) Extension PSEPs are cooperating to provide pesticide safety education in the region. Some materials and programs targeted for both states reside on the UM Extension Pesticide Education & Assessment page. Some additional resources reside on the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) page. When you access pages from UM or DDA, a new window will open to link you to these resources.

Educational Resources

Additional Pesticide Resources

There is a wealth of additional information regarding pesticides available via the Internet. To find dependable resources, use the links below.

General Background

Specific Chemical Properties

  • EPA Pesticide Fact Sheets (EPA)
    This collection of fact sheets contains general and chemical-specific information and covers Healthy & Safety, Regulatory Action, and Specific Chemicals.
  • Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    Technical information supplied by pesticide registrants.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets on the Internet
    This site provide links to a variety of websites that provide free access to Material Safety Data Sheets
  • ARS Pesticide Properties Database
    The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service’s Pesticide Properties Database is a compendium of chemical and physical properties of 334 widely used pesticides. Information included in the database focuses on 16 of the most important properties that affect pesticide transport and degradation characteristics.

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