Farm, Home and Workplace Safety

Delaware Cooperative Extension Farm and Home Safety

We are all exposed to safety risks each day while at home, on the farm, at work, and on the road.  The Cooperative Extension Safety Program serves as a resource for residents and visitors to increase awareness of safety and health risks. Through our education and outreach efforts, our safety professionals provide workshops, activities and resources aimed  to decrease injury risks at home, on the farm and at work.  Throughout this site, you will find information and resources on local programming efforts as well as resources from partner institutions, public agencies, and private industry.

Farm Safety

  • Farm Emergencies Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Pesticide Safety
  • ATV Safety


Workplace Safety

Home and Family Safety

  • Safety in Motor Vehicles
  • Bicycle Safety

Safety for Youth

Emergency Preparedness

  • Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)