4-H would not be possible without the help of volunteers!   These volunteers, called 4-H Leaders, are adults and older youth who work with groups of 4-H members.

Want to join the crew?

Contact your local county extension and/or complete the forms below.

New Castle County, (302) 831-8965
Kent County, (302) 730-4000
Sussex County, (302) 856-7303

Volunteer Application, Forms and Guidebook

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Are their different kinds of leaders?

  • Yes. Some teach members how to do things and are called project leaders. These leaders usually have a special interest or skill, such as photography, computers, clothing, or gardening. Others who help a group get organized and run their meetings are called organizational leaders. Activity leaders coordinate a designated activity of the 4-H club, such as Family Night, tours, community service, club exhibits, recreational events, public speaking, and fund raising.

Can the same person be a project and an organizational leader?

  • Sure, if they have the time and interest. Sometimes big clubs delegate these jobs and have several project leaders to meet all the interests that 4-H members have.

Who are junior leaders?

  • Anyone 13 years of age or older may be a junior leader. These teens assist organizational, project, and activity leaders in guiding the 4-H club or by leading a club or project group on their own. Junior leaders also give leadership to county 4-H events.

How many leaders should a club have?

  • That depends on the size of the club, how old the members are, time available by the adults, and how varied member interests are.

Where would I learn how to be a leader?

  • Your primary resource is the Cooperative Extension office in your county- the office secretary, the Extension 4-H agent and other Extension agents can help you. Your name will be put on a 4-H leader’s mailing list. You will be invited to training meetings, where you will be given the materials you need to organize a 4-H club. Ask for the name of an experienced leader near you with whom you can talk or call on when you have questions. The Delaware 4-H Leader Handbook is an excellent resource of written information to guide the 4-H leader. In addition, county and state 4-H leader training sessions are held throughout the year.