National 4-H Dairy Conference


National Dairy Conf


Purpose of the National 4-H Dairy Conference is to:

  • provide a means by which various individuals and groups interested in the dairy industry and youth can cooperate to achieve educational objectives based on the developmental needs of youth;
  • promote and sponsor an educational program which will provide a better understanding of the operations involved in the production, processing, marketing and use of dairy products, as well as related areas; and
  • provide a broader understanding of careers available in dairy production, processing, marketing and other selected areas.

Educational Objectives are to help selected 4-H youth:

  • increase their understanding of the dairy industry;
  • learn about additional vocational and professional opportunities in the dairy industry;
  • practice good citizenship, group participation and leadership responsibilities; and
  • develop additional individual initiative and competence in areas of special interest and aptitude in the dairy field and related areas.

Participation in the National 4-H Dairy Conference is sponsored by the Delaware 4-H Foundation.