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Consumer Champion Bowl

4-Hers who want to participate in this contest need to enroll in the financial champions and consumer savvy project areas. You will need to form a team of 2-4 people.

SPECIAL REGISTRATION PROCESS:  Teams should be entered under their 4-H Club Name.  To do this, enter the Delaware State Fair website Exhibitor page.  The leader signs into the online entry system.

The contest is hosted at the Delaware State Fair in July.


  • Beginner ages 8-10
  • Juniors ages 11-13
  • Seniors ages 14-18

Age groups are responsible for content in the project books and resources as noted below.  More information can be found at State 4-H Consumer Bowl Guide.

  • =  Beginner
  • =  Junior
  • =  Senior

Financial Champions Project Area:
Money Fundamentals – book 1 B, J, S
Money Moves – book 2 J, S
Helper’s Guide J, S
Consumer Savvy Project Area
Consumer in Me – book 1 B
Consumer Wise – book 2 J, S
Consumer Roadmap – book 3 S
Helpers Guide J, S

Other websites to study:
Financial Champions – this website was designed to support the Financial Champions project books. Students make decisions throughout the school year and determine their ability to manage money.

8-10 years old
Planet Orange – This site leads 8-10 year olds through interactive activities that focus on saving, earning, spending, and investing.

10-13 years old
Escape from Knab – The Adventure – This site takes you to the planet Knab where youth learn about employment, taxes, and how to develop a budget when they are given a job and have to live on the planet

Consumer Jungle – This site, developed for teens, provides information about important financial topics such as credit, bankruptcy, and financial pitfalls.

Money Talks – Should I Be Listening? Provides teens with the information needed to make wise money decisions. So check this out – play the games, watch the video, and try out the links to other sites.