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Avian Bowl

SPECIAL REGISTRATION PROCESS:  Your club will need to create a CLUB ACCOUNT RECORD and enter your exhibit entry under the CLUB RECORD.  To do this, enter the Delaware State Fair website Fair Entry Logo on the exhibitor page (not through the 4-H Online Enrollment system since this is set up by individual member records–not CLUB records)

The 2017 Delaware 4-H Avian Bowl Study Sections:
All questions and answers will come from the following material:

    • Poultry judging (All) – Pages 9-16
    • Understanding food poisoners (All) – Pages 17-20
    • Raising waterfowl (Only Tables 5 and 6) -Pages 24-25
    • Avian systems (Only reproduction) – Pages 35-38
    • Growing blue ribbon pullets (All) – Pages 55-66
    • Breeds, varieties and strains (Only English) – Pages 73-75
    • Eggcyclopedia (Microwaves cooking through Roasted egg) – Pages 133-144
    • Biosecurity (All) – Pages 179-180
    • Embryology (Daily embryonic development through Candling) – Pages 191-192

Please note: The above study material came from the National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual 2016 version. The manual will be available from:

Clemson University
Bulletin Room – Room 82
96 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SC  29634-0129

Cost per packet is $15.00 plus shipping
(864) 656-3261 (phone); (864) 656-0742 (fax); Attn: Mick Smith

The quickest and most accurate method of ordering is to go to our website: http://shopping.clemson.edu/  and, using the manual publications code (PubCode):  MAN 161 place orders through there. It will require the use of a credit or debit card. This method will automatically bring up appropriate shipping charges during the order process.

If a check MUST be used, you will still need to go through the same ordering process up to the point where shipping charges are shown and selected to give you a total cost without actually submitting the order. Shipping charges are based on the shipping address used when ordering.  Make checks payable to Clemson University