Health Rocks!

Health Rocks is a fun, interactive curriculum developed by National 4-H Council and participating land grant universities throughout the country for ages 8-14.  Health Rocks supports the goals developed by the National Health Education Standards and teaches young people the life skills needed to make healthy choices and to resist tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  For more specifics about the program, visit our national site at

Delaware 4-H is continually training new youth leaders and adult leaders in this important curriculum, and reaching out to schools, after schools, camps, youth groups, community centers and other locations to conduct 10 lessons to the youth ages 8-14.  Currently we have over 50 youth trainers and 25 adults statewide.  In 2011 Health Rocks trainers taught in over 75 locations and in 2012 we have already been to 100!

Life skills development and prevention education are one aspect of 4-H youth development.  There is so much more.  By working together in community, we help young people learn to make healthier life choices.  Thanks to our partnership with the United Way and AstraZeneca on the IM40 initiative, we are able to touch youth and the community and expand our healthy living initiatives.  To learn more, visit the website at

For more information contact Karen Johnston at

Learn to Be a Health Rocks Trainer
Health Rocks is currently being taught by teachers, interested adults, and young people over the age of 13.

Some of our training teams include parents and their teenage children, youth pastors and students from their group, middle, elementary and high school teachers, and youth and young adults who teach for their service hours or stipends.

What all these trainers have in common is a desire to help young people learn to enhance their health, make good decisions, communicate clearly, and practice health enhancing behaviors.

  • Click here for more information on how you too can become a Health Rocks Trainer.