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Small Game Education:

The small game classroom sessions and trap shoots will begin in late January and continue into March 2018.  Classroom sessions will be on Wednesday evenings with shooting and field experience on weekends. This part of the program typically provides an end of season bird hunt during March.

Time period for activities:

  • Classroom activities are on Wednesday nights from 6 – 9 p.m.
  • Field activities are on either Saturday or Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or as noted.
  • Hunt days are in the morning for waterfowl and in the afternoon for deer.
  • Hunt day for small game education is a morning activity and goes until finished.

Materials covered in the course:

Waterfowl: *

Bird identification, laws (state and federal), hypothermia, boat safety, blind building, blind reeding, marksmanship, decoy placement, conservation, ethics, hunt preparation and clothing.

Deer: *

Deer biology, laws, field dressing, hunt preparation, marksmanship, firearm-projectile matching, archery equipment, scents, clothing, ethics and conservation management.

Small Game:*

Hunting methods, firearms and field care of small game. Conservation management to promote habitat and healthy populations!

Trap Shoots and Sight-in:

• Firearm to be used for hunts should be brought to all the shoots.
• Steel shot will be provided for trap shoots.
• Slugs used for sight-in need to match capabilities of firearm.
• No buck shot permitted at sight-in or on hunt.

* The Waterfowl, Deer and Small Game Education Programs are designed to be a continuing education process. Each is a learning step to reach the next program level. They are designed in a manner to allow more decision making as the youth advance in their training and experiences. It is required to start in September with the discipline being offered and continue through the other disciplines in order to participate in the waterfowl, deer and small game programs hunting field activities.

Contact names and phone numbers:

David Price: 302-359-0711 Cell

Gary Utley:  302-272-0026 cell; or Patty Utley:  302-270-5655

Spring 2019 Schedule (coming soon)



County/State Camps and County Events

New Castle County: Kaitlin Klair, Email:, Phone: 302-831-8965
Kent County: Kristin Cook, Email:, Phone: 302-730-4000
Sussex County: Jill Jackson, Email:, Phone: 302-856-7303