Delaware State Fair (4-H Involvement)

The Delaware State Fair is a terrific opportunity to showcase all you have done in the 4-H program.

All youth enrolled in the Delaware 4-H program are eligible to exhibit articles made as a part of project or activity work, and participate in demonstration and judging programs outlined in this department of the Fair. An enrollment card or group membership form must be on file with the County 4-H Agent by April 15th of the current year.

Joy Sparks Spirit of 4-H Memorial Tribute Award ~ Application [pdf] [Word]

  • 2013 – Bethany Killmon, Sussex
  • 2012 – Hunter Murray, Sussex
  • 2011 – Emily Passwaters, Sussex
  • 2010 – Jeffery Sullivan, Kent
  • 2009 – Emily Harvey, NCC

2014 4-H – Delaware State Fair

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Demonstration – Family…

Judging Contests

Lawn Tractor Driving

Demonstration – General

Public Speaking

Tractor Driving

Demonstration – Plant…

Talent Show

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  • See “All Results”
Avian Bowl

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Demonstration – Animal

Horse Show

Consumer Champions Bowl

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Holiday Card

  • Result – Ben Shaffer, NCC

4-H Photos from the Delaware State Fair-2013

Video of 2012 Talent