Projects & Activities For Members

Project FAQs

What does a 4-H project cost?

It varies. A member enrolled in foods might use supplies found in the typical kitchen to practice the skills he/she is learning at no additional expense. A member who buys and keeps a quarter horse might invest hundreds of dollars. Discuss costs with members as they select projects, and make sure the projects are realistic to individual family situations.

Are 4-H members expected to do their own project work?

Yes, with help and support. 4-H is a learn-by-doing program. Leaders, junior leaders, and parents may tell or demonstrate to members how, but 4-H’ers are expected to learn how to do things themselves.

What is an exhibit?

An exhibit is an object or display designed to help youngsters feel they are capable and have accomplished something. Ideally, exhibits motivate youngsters to learn and to have fun in a 4-H project. An exhibit is not an end in itself, nor does it measure the learning that takes place in the process. A first-place blue ribbon is only one measure of success. Self-recognition and self-satisfaction for having completed a project are also important rewards.

Are projects done individually or as a group?

Both. Some projects including conservation or biking are more fun when done as a group. Others, like sewing a pair of shorts or making cookies, are individual endeavors.