Thank you for your interest in the New Castle County 4-H Embryology Program.  This exciting and interactive project gives youth the opportunity to gain hands-on life experience by hatching chicks in the classroom.  This school enrichment program includes one week of caring for and raising baby chicks each spring.


How the program works:

  • The program runs annually from the first week in March through the last week in May. It typically lasts five days, beginning with the delivery on Monday and pick-up of chicks and equipment on Friday.
  • The intended hatching day is Wednesday, however, the hatching day is something we cannot control and may vary a day or two depending on the breed of the chick.
  • All chicks and supplies are picked up on Friday.  The hatched chicks will be delivered to local 4-H families, who raise them and use their eggs as part of their 4-H project, or small local farms.
  • Each registered classroom will receive an incubator, one dozen fertile eggs, heating lamp, brooder, feeder, waterer, chick food, and bedding.

*Please note: Due to liability issues, we are unable to provide this program for home schools.  If you operate a home school and are interested in the program, please contact us and we will work to try to pair you with a participating school. 

How to get involved:

  • Complete the Online Embryology Registration Form
  • Once the dates are confirmed, the teachers will receive additional information regarding specific delivery information.
  • You can add a second week on for $25. If you choose to add a second week, a responsible teacher (not student)  must take the chicks home over the weekend to care for them.
  • Contact the NCC Extension Office at (302) 831-8965.

Forms and Resources:

For more information on the 4-H Embryology Program, please contact Serena Conner at serenac@udel.edu or (302) 831-8965.