New Castle County 4-H Clubs & Programs


We are so glad you took the time to find out more about 4-H in New Castle County! For more than a century, young children have benefited from the education and confidence of 4-H. Chances are if you’ve ever met anyone who has been in 4-H, they’ll tell you they’re a 4-Her for life!

You’ve heard such great things, but still don’t know much about 4-H. How can you get involved?

4-H Clubs

4-H is for all youth, ages 5 to 19 years old. It is open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, color, sex or place of residence. In order to be a 4-H member, you must join a club. There is no cost to join 4-H. 4-H curriculum and training are also provided to interested parents at no cost. Clubs can determine on their own whether or not to charge dues.

Each club is directed by an organizational leader and a team of volunteer adult and teen leaders. Clubs are supported and overseen by Extension Agents and 4-H Educators through Delaware Cooperative Extension. Clubs may focus on any number of project areas and develop their own meeting locations and schedules. Traditional clubs normally meet once per month. Each club has youth officers and plan their clubs activities throughout the year. Some clubs have younger members, called Cloverbuds. Cloverbud activities work a little bit differently than those for older members. You can find more info on Cloverbuds here. Some of our special interest clubs concentrate on a single project area such as robotics, archery or livestock, but there are many clubs that are general interest clubs. There is something in 4-H for everyone!

If you are interested in joining a 4-H club, please see our club listing and contact the NCC   4-H office at 302-831-8965 for more info about contacting the club leader.

Want to start your own club?  Check with your county office.

Afterschool Programs

New Castle County operates afterschool programs in a variety of schools and communities. For more information, visit the State 4-H Afterschool Program site.


The New Castle County 4-H Embryology Program  is an exciting and interactive project that gives youth the opportunity to gain hands-on life experience by hatching chicks in the classroom.  This school enrichment program includes one week of caring for and raising baby chicks each spring.