Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


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Launch into the wide world of STEM! Engaging curriculum encourages youth of all ages to soar into outer space, construct robots, discover the power of wind, and experience the magic of electricity.

Parts Identification (Note: Seniors must study both Junior and Senior pages of their respective sections):

Lawn and Garden Section Farm Tractor Section
Junior Lawn Junior Farm
Senior Lawn Senior Farm
  • Tractor Questions:
Interactive Questions Hard Copy of Questions (PDF)
Junior and Senior –
Lawn &Garden
Junior and Senior –
Lawn and Garden
Junior Farm Tractor Junior Farm Tractor
Senior Farm Tractor Senior Farm Tractor
  • Contest Rules:
    “Conducting 4-H Petroleum Power Operator’s Contests” (4-H 84) contains all the rules and suggestions for conducting an agricultural tractor and lawn and garden tractor operator contests. NOTE: Each page in the rulebook contains a date in the upper right corner of the page. As rule changes are made those pages affected will show the new date.
  • Conducting 4-H Petroleum Power Operator’s Contests (4-H 84)Contest Dress Requirements for Engineering Events: Hard-toed shoes covering entire foot (i.e., work boots, steel-toed not necessary), long pants, belt, shirt tucked in (no excessively loose clothing), no jewelry, and long hair should be controlled.