4-H Youth to start biotechnology education program

February 15, 2012 in mainfeature

Four local 4-H teenagers are working to design and deliver the 4-H Teens Teaching Youth Biotechnology program.

Austin Gardner-Bowler, Shelby Kunz, Bobby Johnston and Makenzie Mullen are partnering with 4-H professionals, representatives from land-grant universities and the state soybean board to plan the program.

According to a 4-H release, Extension Educator for Kent County Kristin Cook stated, “This is a great opportunity for Delaware 4-H to lead a charge and educate our youth about the impact that biotechnology has on our agriculture system. Many people, youth and adults alike, have no idea the importance of this sector. The teens are excited to share their enthusiasm about biotechnology with other youth.”

The four teens are working to recruit additional student-instructors, who will in turn teach the program at after-school sites and summer camps.

For more information, visit www.4-H.org.
From left to right:
Back row: Jesse Vanderwende of the Delaware Soybean Board, Austin Gardner-Bowler, Bobby Johnston, Richard Taylor.
Front row: Makenzie Mullen, Shelby Kunz and Kristin Cook

This story originally appeared in the Dover Post

By Sara Glafcke
Posted Feb 14, 2012 @ 11:04 AM